Corporate Overview

Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc.

ApolloMed is focused on providing efficient, quality healthcare by putting the patient first. We are integrating physicians and physician groups, healthcare service providers, healthcare facilities and health plans for comprehensive solutions to the patient-care continuum.

We offer a compelling value proposition that capitalizes on current dynamics in the healthcare delivery. Our model incorporates:

  • A unique business strategy that addresses quality services and cost management
  • Superior medical management with proven cost-efficiencies and patient-care metrics
  • Motivated physicians through greater involvement, equity ownership and incentives
  • Revenue generation from a diverse range of integrated services and payor risk models
  • Ongoing partner and service expansion to drive scale and provide greater efficiencies

Our Strategy

We are executing on a unique growth strategy that creates efficiencies as the business scales. Components of our business strategy include:

  • Growing networks to add density
  • Pursuing larger hospital contracts to increase patient sharing
  • Broadening services offering
  • Purchasing primary care physician clinics to drive patient flow
  • Expanding into emergency room and ICU management, and adding inpatient services
  • Broadening geographies by replicating its infrastructure from one market to another
  • Acquiring Hospital Patient Services, Independent Physician Associations and Managed Service Organizations