DSS is a Global Leader in Brand Protection,
Digital Security Solutions and Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

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DSS is comprised of four core operating groups, DSS Plastics Group, DSS Secure Printing Group, DSS Packaging Group and DSS Digital Group. Through these divisions, DSS provides counterfeit prevention and comprehensive brand and digital information protection solutions to corporations, governments, and financial institutions around the world. DSS has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced proprietary technologies. When implemented, these technologies can ensure the authenticity of both digital and physical financial instruments, identification documents, sensitive publications and brand packaging.

Security Spending Growing To Meet Threats

The continuing challenge presented by counterfeiting and forgery create an enormous market for Document Security Systems, Inc. For example, The 10 billion dollar U.S. label industry is a prime target for DSSI technologies due to the continuing increases in fake products and counterfeit labeling. Fortune 500 companies have reported that they spend an average of between $2 - $4 million per year to combat counterfeiting. Some have reported spending up to $10 million annually.

Counterfeiting Challenges Present Major Opportunities Worldwide

  • Today, it is estimated between 5 to 7 percent of all world trade is counterfeit goods or, in other words, the global economy loses out on average, $600 billion per year from counterfeit products. (Source: World Customs Organization and Interpol).

  • According to the IACC, automobile manufacturers are losing $12 billion annually, and the equivalent of over 200,000 jobs to counterfeit parts.

  • The Business Software Alliance estimated that pirated software cost its industry nearly $34 billion globally back in 2005 - as technology has progressed, that loss has only grown.

  • Government documents fraud played a part in over 17 thousand cases of identity theft. Terrorists and organized crime are major players in the counterfeiting of ID documents.

Proven Performance Gives Advantage

Document Security Systems, Inc. has technology that has proven highly effective on all digital scanning, copying and photographic reproduction processes. One application: preventing the counterfeiting of the over 37 billion checks that are printed every year. Another Document Security Systems, Inc. technology-Survivor 21-can provide authentication for Check 21 scanned images.

Safety Paper Offers Steady Cash Flow

DSS technology has proven highly effective against digital scanning and copying equipment. With DSS Digital Group, these same technologies are moving into the digital world to protect databases in cloud server applications, disaster recovery, variable data generation through web applications with security features that print on desktop printers. This technology is invaluable to the coupon industry with the increased demand of internet coupons, law firms, medical facilities records, online retailers and mobile applications.

Safety Paper Offers Stead Cash Flow

Another source of DSS’s growing revenue is Security Paper found on our e-commerce site, ProtectedPaper.com. This paper, with its embedded hidden messages, prevents unauthorized reproduction and opens up domestic and foreign markets for cut sheet, on-demand use by millions of companies. Recently, this website has begun offering an array of customizable security documents such as secure event tickets, secure voter ballots, secure ID cards and secure coupons. Distribution Strategy Accelerates Growth DSS has embarked on an aggressive strategy to develop partnerships and channels of distribution with security firms and consultants, scanning software and on-demand printing hardware manufacturers, printers and publishers of sensitive documents.

Experienced Leadership

Our management team is equipped with the extensive knowledge of the security printing industry that only comes from years of experience in the industry.