• Mark L. Baum, J.D.

    Mark L. Baum, J.D.

    Chief Executive Officer, Member, Board of Directors

    Mr. Baum is a founder, member of the board of directors and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Read More

  • Andrew R. Boll, CFA, CMA

    Andrew R. Boll, CFA, CMA

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Boll joined Imprimis in December 2011 as a consultant until he was hired as Vice President of Accounting and Public Reporting (Principal Financial and Accounting Officer) of the company in February 2012. Read More

  • John Saharek

    John Saharek

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Mr. Saharek started with Imprimis as Vice President of Commercialization, Ophthalmology in November 2013 until his promotion to Chief Commercial Officer in February 2015. Read More

  • Gary Seelhorst

    Gary Seelhorst

    Vice President, Business Development

    Mr. Seelhorst has been the Vice-President, Business Development of Imprimis since July 2013 and is responsible for licensing agreements and pursuing partnerships with insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers, ambulatory surgery centers and national physician networks. Read More

  • Clayton D. Edwards

    Clayton D. Edwards

    Senior Vice President, Operations

    Mr. Edwards joined Imprimis in August 2016 as Senior Vice President of Operations where he oversees the company’s pharmacy operations, including production, dispensing and customer service. Read More

  • Eric Rice

    Eric Rice

    Vice President, Client Relations

    Mr. Rice has been the Vice President of Client Relations at Imprimis since July 2016 and is responsible for implementing new processes to improve efficiencies with the ultimate goal of building Imprimis’ customer service department into a center of excellence. Read More

  • Pramod Sharma

    Pramod Sharma

    Vice President, Quality

    Mr. Sharma has been the Vice President of Quality since August 2016 and oversees the expansion of all Imprimis quality systems in line with the highest pharmaceutical and compounding industry standards. Read More

  • Sanjay Samudre

    Sanjay Samudre

    Vice President, Manufacturing

    Mr. Samudre has been the Vice President of Manufacturing at Imprimis since May 2016 where he oversees supply chain and production while adding automation and scalability to many the company’s core compounded formulations. Read More

  • Victor Repkin

    Victor Repkin

    Intellectual Property Counsel

    Dr. Repkin has served as patent attorney and intellectual property counsel for Imprimis since June 2013. Read More

  • Bonnie Ortega

    Bonnie Ortega

    Director of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

    Ms. Ortega has 20 years of experience building and managing investor and media relations programs for publicly-traded biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Read More

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