We report in four operating segments - Automotive, Interconnect, Power Distribution and Other.

The Automotive segment supplies electronic and electro-mechanical devices and related products to automobile OEMs, either directly or through their tiered suppliers. Our products include integrated center consoles, hidden switches, ergonomic switches, transmission lead-frames, LED-based lighting and sensors, which incorporate magneto-elastic sensing and other technologies that monitor the operation or status of a component or system.

The Interface segment provides a variety of copper and fiber-optic interface and interface solutions for the aerospace, appliance, commercial food service, construction, consumer, material handling, medical, military, mining, point-of-sale and telecommunications markets. Solutions include conductive polymers, industrial safety radio remote controls, optical and copper transceivers and solid-state field-effect consumer touch panels. Services include the design and installation of fiber-optic and copper infrastructure systems and manufacturing active and passive optical components.

The Power Products segment manufactures braided flexible cables, current-carrying laminated busbars and devices, custom power-product assemblies, such as our PowerRail® solution, high-current low-voltage flexible power cabling systems and powder-coated busbars that are used in various markets and applications, including aerospace, computers, industrial, power conversion, military, telecommunications and transportation.

The Other segment is primarily made up of our medical device business, Dabir Surfaces, our surface support technology aimed at pressure injury prevention. Methode is developing the technology for use by patients who are immobilized or otherwise at risk for pressure injuries, including patients undergoing long-duration surgical procedures.