We report in four operating segments - Automotive, Interconnect, Power Distribution and Other.

The Automotive segment supplies electronic and electromechanical devices and related products to automobile OEMs, either directly or through their tiered suppliers, including control switches for electrical power and signals, connectors for electrical devices, integrated control components, switches and sensors that monitor the operation or status of a component or system, and packaging of electrical components.

The Interconnect segment provides a variety of copper and fiber-optic interconnect and interface solutions for the appliance, computer, networking, telecommunications, storage, medical, military, aerospace, commercial and consumer markets. Solutions include solid-state field effect interface panels, PC card and express card packaging, optical and copper transceivers, terminators, connectors, custom cable assemblies and conductive polymer and thick film inks. Services include the design and installation of fiber optic and copper infrastructure systems, and the manufacture of active and passive optical components.

The Power Distribution segment manufactures current-carrying laminated bus devices, custom power-distribution assemblies, powder coated bus bars, braided flexible cables, customized heat sinks and high-current low voltage flexible power cabling systems that are used in various markets and applications, including telecommunications, computers, transportation, industrial and power conversion, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) solutions, aerospace and military.

The Other segment includes the design and manufacture of non-contact sensing devices measuring a multitude of variables including: torque, speed, angle, absolute angle, linear position, force-load weight, viscosity and magnetic field sensing. Also included in the Other segment, are independent laboratories that provide services for qualification testing and certification, and analysis of electronic and optical components.