Corporate Profile

Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI) is a global developer of custom engineered and application specific products and solutions with manufacturing, design and testing facilities in China, Egypt, Germany, India, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. We design, manufacture and market devices employing electrical, electronic, wireless, safety radio remote control, sensing and optical technologies to control and convey signals through sensors, interconnections and controls. Our business is managed on a segment basis, with those segments being Automotive, Interconnect, Power Products and Other. Our components are in the primary end markets of the automobile, computer, information processing and networking equipment, voice and data communication systems, consumer electronics, appliances, aerospace vehicles and industrial equipment industries.

Recent Financial Headlines

April 06, 2012

Methode Named One of Forbes Most Trustworthy Companies

Forbes recently identified what they called, "the most transparent and trustworthy businesses that trade on American exchanges," utilizing quantitative and qualitative analysis to look beyond the raw data on public companies’ income statements and balance sheets to assess the true quality of corporate accounting and management practices. Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies have consistently demonstrated transparent and conservative accounting practices and solid corporate governance and management. Please click on the following link to learn more.

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