Board of Directors

Steven Chen - Chairman of the Board

Steve Chen, Chairman, is recognized as Asia’s most popular and successful inspirational speaker and among its most popular authors, with over 30 million followers and 15 best-selling self-motivation books. The founder of SHGT’s seminar division, Mr. Chen has for the past 20 years delivered thousands of speeches worldwide, generated tens of millions of dollars in speaker and coaching fees, and spearheaded several mergers and acquisitions of public and private companies in the chain store, fiber optics, alternative energy, and Internet marketing sectors.

Originally influenced in the late 1980s by Anthony Robbins, for whose classes he borrowed $4,350 in order to attend, Mr. Chen perennially advocates three key steps to success: (1) Find and work closely with a proven success coach; (2) Seek out the company and advice of other successful people; and (3) Set only the highest personal standards.

Following these steps, Mr. Chen has only three words:

“Just do it.”

Steve Chen was born in Taiwan and studied at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He currently resides in both Taiwan and China.

Chris Hong - Director

Chris Hong, Member, Board of Directors, has 30 years experience in investment management and business model innovation. Prior to joining SHGT as CEO, he served as a member of board of directors for such public companies as Acme Food Groups, Sinho Group, SPC Inc. and ORFF Inc. In addition to leading the expansion of SHGT’s core businesses, Mr. Hong will also pursue potential acquisitions of, or mergers with, other high-margin businesses engaged in the production or marketing of products and services designed to increase health and well-being. Mr. Hong holds BS and MBA degrees from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan.

Brian Kistler - Director

Brian Kistler, Member, Board of Directors, has 25 years tenure in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Success Holding in 2013, he was founder and president of Freedom Energy Holding, a publicly-traded recycling company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From 1999 through 2005, Mr. Kistler worked with the financial services giant, Raymond James & Associates, where he managed and led sales efforts at nine of the company’s offices in northern Indiana. Mr. Kistler has also held financial management positions with the securities firms Edward Jones, Linsco/Private Ledger and Hilliard Lyons.

Mark Corrao - Director

Mark Corrao, Member, Board of Directors, is highly experienced in financial management and operations, business development, sales, administration and human resource functions. Currently, he serves as managing director of The CFO Squad, a financial advisory firm providing CFO services for a wide range of businesses. Mr. Corrao also serves as CFO of Business Efficiency Experts, Inc., a provider of accounting, taxation, auditing, venture capital and SEC registration services. Previously, Mr. Corrao served as a director and CFO of StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., a mobile security firm in Edison, New Jersey. He received a B.S. Degree in Public Accounting from City University of New York, Brooklyn College.