ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE American:DSS), ("DSS"), a leader in anti-counterfeit, authentication, and diversion protection technologies whose products and solutions are used by governments, corporations and financial institutions to defeat fraud and to help ensure authenticity, announced today the launch of its 2018 webinar series with, “Big Data & Blockchain: The Future of Brand Protection or Hype?” 

The free webinar, in partnership with Sun Chemical, will be held on Wednesday, January 31st at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. 

Digital technologies are changing how brands protect themselves and consumers from fraudulent products.  Counterfeit products are a bigger threat than ever and often cause bodily harm or even death. So, passive brand protection techniques are no longer adequate. The DSS webinar will look at some of the new technologies being discussed and how they might apply to brand protection. Two of the technologies which will be examined are blockchain and big data. The webinar will discuss how these technologies might be implemented, advantages they provide, and where they might fall short of the promises.

“Passive brand protection tactics like holograms have outlived their usefulness and everyone knows it,” said Mike Tobin, VP of Sales, Marketing, & Product Management at DSS. “Most brands are looking at new, proactive technologies which enable instant authentication of products. There is a lot of talk about blockchain as the savior, but few understand how it might be implemented.  Likewise, how should a brand use data in product security initiatives? These are a couple of the topics we will discuss with Sun Chemical in the webinar.”

To register for the "Big Data & Blockchain: The Future of Brand Protection or Hype?” webinar, click HERE or visit the Company’s Investor Overview page.

For over 15 years, Document Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) has protected corporations, financial institutions, and governments from sophisticated and costly fraud. DSS' innovative anti-counterfeit, authentication, and brand protection solutions are deployed to prevent attacks which threaten products, digital presence, financial instruments, and identification. AuthentiGuard®, the company's flagship product, provides authentication capability through a smartphone application so businesses can empower a wide range of employees, supply chain personnel, and consumers to track their brands and verify authenticity.

The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, DSS Plastics Group (DSSPG), acquired by DSS in 2006, has been manufacturing advanced plastic cards and related products for businesses worldwide for over 40 years. Utilizing DSS core anti-fraud technologies, DSSPG's expertise includes security printing, plastic card manufacturing, Enhanced Tribal Cards, RFID products, SwiftColor InkJet Plastic Cards, Secure Card Designs and Polycarbonate card production. DSSPG's vast experience and knowledge has made them a leader in the plastic card industry, and has resulted in an impressive client list consisting of numerous governmental agencies, social media giants, global technology firms, and U.S. professional sports organizations and events.

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