ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE American:DSS), ("DSS"), a leader in anti-counterfeit, authentication, and diversion protection technologies whose products and solutions are used by governments, corporations and financial institutions to defeat fraud and to help ensure authenticity, and the Rochester Institute of Technology announced today that David Wicker, VP of Research and Development, will be the new host of the annual Document Security & Packaging Technology Workshop, being held for the fourth year at  the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (“RIT”) Printing Applications Lab.

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The four-day workshop will take place Monday afternoon, June 11th through Thursday morning, June 14th, 2018 on the RIT campus in Rochester, NY.

Counterfeiting is now the world’s largest criminal enterprise accounting for an estimated $1.7 trillion a year in losses, according to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition.  A variety of technologies are available to both brands and governments to protect intellectual property. Understanding available technology and how it applies to specific problems is a challenge for many decision makers.  The Document Security & Packaging Technology Workshop was started to provide an academic based resource to examine the tools and technologies outside of the influence of marketing or sales efforts.  

In this four-day seminar, instructors will closely look at emerging technologies in covert, overt, forensic level solutions and also provide networking opportunities with other professionals in the field from around the world. The workshop will review technologies for product counterfeiting, document fraud, currency manipulation, and print fraud. Attendees will learn about security inks, holograms, taggants, authentication tools, and hear from presenters with Document Security Systems, SICPA, Appvion, NASPO INTERNATIONAL, DSA, among others.

For more information on the Document Security & Packaging Technology Workshop, including key takeaways, who should attend, daily agenda, registration fees, and available lodging facilities, please visit  Interested parties may also contact Barbara Giordano at (585) 475-2687 or   

The Printing Applications Lab is a dedicated Research & Development unit of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability, located on the campus of RIT in Rochester, NY USA.  Printing and the graphic/imaging arts have been an integral part of RIT studies and R&D for eight decades, and many graduates of its renowned School of Printing (now School of Media Sciences) have become leaders in the international graphic arts industry.  RIT’s Printing Applications Lab (“PAL”) shares in the university’s long-term commitment to service to the graphic communications industry.  PAL leverages specific expertise from across the university in areas such as imaging and color science, engineering, packaging, and materials science to provide a world-class platform for advanced R&D studies. For more information, visit

For over 15 years, Document Security Systems, Inc. (“DSS”) has protected corporations, financial institutions, and governments from sophisticated and costly fraud. DSS' innovative anti-counterfeit, authentication, and brand protection solutions are deployed to prevent attacks which threaten products, digital presence, financial instruments, and identification. AuthentiGuard®, the company's flagship product, provides authentication capability through a smartphone application so businesses can empower a wide range of employees, supply chain personnel, and consumers to track their brands and verify authenticity. For more information on DSS and its Plastics Group subsidiary, visit and

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