ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE MKT: DSS; "DSS"), a leading developer and integrator of secure cloud computing and security printing technologies, today announced a partnership with Brides Magazine to fight against counterfeiting in the bridal industry.

As part of its "Brides Against Counterfeiting" campaign, Brides will offer DSS's AuthentiSite technology to its advertisers.  AuthentiSite enables users to authenticate a website using a smartphone application. DSS has created and distributed an AuthentiSite seal, equipped with patented Prism technology, for Brides and its retailers to implement on their websites.  The technology has been integrated into the "Brides Wedding Genius" app for investigators and consumers alike to use their smartphone to scan the seal on participating websites and verify that where they are purchasing product is an authorized or licensed reseller.  "Brides Against Counterfeiting" is now available on the "Brides Wedding Genius" app.

Robert Bzdick, President of Document Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) stated, "DSS is proud to partner with Conde Nast publication – Brides Magazine, by joining the 'Brides Against Counterfeiting' Campaign.  We applaud Brides Magazine for leading the efforts to combat counterfeiters in its industry.   Counterfeiters cost the bridal industry millions of dollars in lost sales and damaged brand reputation as they introduce potentially harmful and lower quality products to the consumers; a problem that is expanding through fraudulent websites. DSS' latest generation, smartphone based, website authentication technology, AuthentiSite, empowers consumers with a tool to verify that a website from which they plan to purchase product is an approved online vendor." 

Robert continued, "The AuthentiSuite technologies, offered to Brand owners by DSS, are designed to protect products from counterfeiters and diverters. These technologies also provide tools to consumers to help ensure that they purchase product from authentic sources. In addition to AuthentiSite, a brand owner can employ AuthentiGuard for product authentication in-store or for home delivered products.  The AuthentiGuard Mark opens direct-to-consumer communication, providing product information, deals, and surveys.  The AuthentiGuard Mark can also be used to report issues with a product along with capturing valuable market information for the brand owner." 

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About Brides

In more than 79 years of publication, Brides has remained the most widely read magazine in the category and the country's foremost authority on engagement, weddings and marriage. Brides is a bi-monthly publication, published by Conde Nast, and reaches over 5 million readers. is a leading resource for engaged women with original content, image galleries and interactive tools such as checklists, the virtual ring designer, the virtual dressing room, countdowns and inspiration boards that enable brides to create, save and share ideas via web and mobile. Brides is available digitally for the iPad, 7-inch tablets and through the popular Brides Wedding Genius App. Brides stationery lines with Michael's Craft Stores and Checkerboard Fine Papers are available online and in retail stores across the country. For more information on Brides please visit

About DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.)

Document Security Systems, Inc.'s (NYSE MKT: DSS) products and solutions are used by governments, corporations and financial institutions to defeat fraud and to protect brands and digital information from the expanding world-wide counterfeiting problem.

DSS continually invests in technology to meet the ever-changing security needs of its clients and implements these patented solutions through the Company's operating groups.

Effective July 1, 2013, Lexington Technology Group, Inc., now known as DSS Technology Management ("DSS TM") became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Document Security Systems, Inc. ("DSS" or "Company"). DSS TM provides strategy for DSS's IP portfolio, as well as legal expertise and investment capital for pioneering inventions. 

DSS provides counterfeit deterrence and authentication technology coupled with licensing and IP monetization solutions. When implemented, DSS technologies help ensure the authenticity of both digital and physical financial instruments, identification documents, sensitive publications, brand packaging and websites.

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