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SOMERSET NJ / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2019 / Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: GFTX):

“Until now, owning an article of clothing worn by an icon was only affordable by very few people. Authentic Heroes will bring affordability and authenticity to the collectible/wearable clothing business, allowing many more fans to own a piece of history”, stated Paul Serbiak, CEO of Global Fiber Technologies, Inc.

The genesis of the Authentic Heroes process is our patent pending technology which allows us to extract the original fibers from a single game or event worn garment and make a limited series of collectable and wearable fanwear. For more information, visit

Once the fibers are extracted from the original, they are combined with virgin fibers and digitally encoded into the core of the new fabric. The entire new garment series of garments has the digitally encoded fibers throughout the entirety of each item so the fibers from that historic moment radiate throughout the garment. A “pen light” which we include with each purchase \ allows fans to visualize the very fibers centered around the history of the original garment.

The authenticity of each garment is backed with both a “Certificate of Authenticity” as well as the registration of the purchased garment through the scanning of the QR Code on the clothing. The QR scanning allows each garment’s true ownership to be recorded in a personal online vault at the Authentic Heroes Website.

Lastly the ownership will be further authenticated as it is will simultaneously be recorded on our blockchain giving the garment the immutability it deserves and creating a truly authenticated “Fanwear Original”.

“The process of creating our limited edition series, which embody fibers from the original event worn garment throughout are what we like to call Event Worn Re-Born”, stated Paul Serbiak.

“We feel we have distinct marketing advantages that will give us a competitive edge”, stated Chris Giordano President and Co-Chairman of Global

For licensors, there is the potential to achieve far greater financial results by working with Authentic Heroes since they earn a fee for the garment and a royalty. This combination of payments can end up being as much as ten times what would be realized by auctioning their event worn item.

For fans, they can purchase a true piece of history for a fraction of the cost of buying the original. They will also have the confidence of knowing that they bought an original, authentic and verifiable product that is ironclad in its representation. A true Authentic Heroes original.

The commercialization of this true one of a kind product is now ready to start and in the process Authentic Heroes will attempt to change the collectable fanwear market as we know it.

We expect to expand the licensing and marketing of our fanwear aggressively thru key relationships that we have and we expect the range of licensing to include but not be limited to

  1. Professional athletes both active and retired.
  2. Musical Icons and Bands
  3. Deceased Icons from all walks of life
  4. Amateur Sports Leagues,
  5. College and University Sports
  6. Facebook Fan Clubs

We are also pleased to state that Authentic Heroes has come to an agreement with a major sports talent agency and should be able to announce further details of that relationship in the very near future.

Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. also in the final stages of negotiations with a large merchandising company embedded within the music business to explore the vast opportunities that exist with utilizing the “Authentic Heroes” format.

“Whether it be a sporting event, musical event or any sort of heroic event, Authentic Heroes will be there to help fans celebrate the great moments of these iconic individuals”, stated Chris Giordano.


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