Disruptions to supply chains, demand, international trade flows, and travel, along with lockdowns and collapsing stock prices, resulting from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) virus have dealt a heavy blow to the global economy.

  • The United States, Europe, and Japan are headed for recession. 
  • The IHS Markit forecast for world real GDP growth in 2020 has been revised down to 0.7% in response to the spread of the virus. Growth below 2.0% is classified as a global recession. 
  • The number of active world cases is assumed to top out by the third quarter. 
  • Nevertheless, the result will be a U-shaped rather than V-shaped cycle, as a sharp reduction in near-term growth is followed by a slow recovery. 
  • Forecast risks are overwhelmingly on the downside and depend crucially on how governments respond. 
  • Central banks have already taken emergency actions, but the fiscal response is more uncertain. 
  • The recent sharp drop in oil prices will help energy consumers and hurt energy producers. The net effect on global growth is likely to be negative, but small.

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