ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE MKT: DSS) (DSS), a leading developer of anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions  and licensor of innovative technologies, was featured on Bloomberg Television's top-rated in-depth investment program, Taking Stock with Pimm Fox, on Wednesday, August 6.

Jeff Ronaldi, chief executive officer of DSS, was interviewed by Bloomberg host Cory Johnson and described the pervasive threat faced by brand owners and consumers from counterfeiting and how DSS's Authentiguard solution can be used to defend against this threat. 

AuthentiGuard®, the company's mobile app-based solution prevents and detects counterfeit product packaging and labels that are printed with PRISM, DSS's proprietary print security mark that resists copying and scanning. AuthentiGuard is a revolutionary new tool that offers the potential for anyone with an IOS or Android smartphone to verify that they have purchased an authentic product when that product is printed with a PRISM mark. DSS began selling Authentiguard in 2013 and is driving adoption of this product in identification, consumer, and industrial applications to combat counterfeiting, which costs the U.S. economy an estimated $250BN in losses annually1 and puts consumers at risk every day.

AuthentiGuard® reflects DSS' unique business model, which involves developing and acquiring intellectual property that enables the company to bring innovative product and service offerings to market, while actively licensing the company's IP portfolio. The company's go-to-market strategy of both commercialization and IP licensing is designed to maximize potential returns on investment in IP, and to provide investors access to a stable and diversified business model that taps the fast growing, $120 billion global IP-licensing market.2   

Following this strategy, over the last 12 months DSS has expanded its patent portfolio by adding over 75 US patents across a range of technology areas. The company also introduced several new products to the market and increased its active licensing program offerings. DSS is committed to further expanding its IP portfolio and increasing its licensing efforts, as well as introducing new products, throughout 2014.

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About Document Security Systems
Document Security Systems, Inc.'s (NYSE MKT: DSS) products and solutions are used by governments, corporations and financial institutions to defeat fraud and to protect brands and digital information from the expanding world-wide counterfeiting problem.  DSS technologies help ensure the authenticity of both digital and physical financial instruments, identification documents, sensitive publications, brand packaging and websites. DSS continually invests in research and development to meet the ever-changing security needs of its clients and offers licensing of its patented technologies through its subsidiary, DSS Technology Management, Inc.

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1 GCCCP – United Nations World IP Organization
2 The Economist, World Intellectual Property Organization. Includes patents, copyrights, trademarks and other IP forms

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