We're Proud Of Our Partnerships

Helping our business partners grow and succeed is why we're in business. The way we look at it, their success is our success. That's why whether we are contracted to staff, build, grow or design, you can expect the same level of uncompromising dedication and diligence in meeting project goals. That's why we are proud to showcase our partners, they're our most valued advocates.

Nugro industries

NuGro Industries, Inc. is an owner and developer of cultivation facilities in Colorado's legal Cannabis industry. The firm has leased land to CannaGrow and contracted our company to build and manage all facets of several projects in development and operation, including Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I located on 20 acres owned by NuGro in Huerfano County, CO. We'll be providing updates soon as the new projects develop.

Category 1 botanicals

Category One Botanicals, LLC is authorized by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) of the State of Colorado to legally grow and distribute Cannabis in the state.  As a Licensed Grower, the Company operates grow operations at Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Facility #403R-00716 managed by CannaGrow Holdings at Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility I.  The company is taking an industry-forward approach by focusing on cultivating both popular and lesser-known legacy strains in a more sustainable and energy efficient environment by implementing 'living' probiotic soils and natural light augmented by artificial light. Category One Botanicals has contracted the CannaGrow team to staff, manage and direct its current operations.  While the Category One Botanicals Team is currently developing a company website, feel free to visit their Company Profile in Facebook.