Improving the Quality of Cardiac EP Recordings

Identifying Ablation Targets with Confidence

B ioSig is a development stage medical device company developing a proprietary technology platform to improve the quality of cardiac recordings during electrophysiology studies and ablation procedures.

We are developing the PURE EP System, a multichannel electrocardiogram and intracardiac multichannel recording and analysis system. We believe that data provided by the PURE EP System will increase the workload ability and enhance the capabilities of the typical electrophysiology laboratory.

We are focused on improving the quality of cardiac recordings obtained during cardiac catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation, two common cardiac arrhythmias. Cardiac ablation is a procedure performed to correct conduction of electrical impulses in the heart that cause arrhythmias.

Our overall goal is to establish this proprietary technology as a new platform that will have the following advantages over the electrophysiology recording systems currently available on the market:

  • Higher quality cardiac signal acquisition for accurate and more efficient electrophysiology studies.
  • Capabilities for precise, uninterrupted, real time evaluations of electrograms.
  • Reliable cardiac recordings to better determine ablation targets, strategy, and end point of procedures.
  • A portable device that can be fully integrated into existing electrophysiology lab environments.
If we are able to develop our product as designed, we believe that the PURE EP System, and its signal processing tools, will contribute to an increase in the number of procedures performed in each electrophysiology lab and possibly improved patient outcomes.

Conventional Electrophysiology Reading (Top) versus the PURE EP System's Reading (Bottom)

Conventional Electrophysiology Reading (Top) versus the PURE EP System’s Reading (Bottom).