Perfect Incident Solutions for all officers

Statistics show that officers cannot activate their cameras from 50-75% of the time. Because all incidents cannot be anticipated or that they simply escalate too fast, a law enforcement professional sometimes needs to act on a situation rather than activate their camera at that point in time. The Klear Kapture camera offers a 20 minute pre-event buffer (administrator configurable from 1-60 minutes!). Now you can sometimes activate the record button after an incident. Some other camera companies offer a 30 or 60 second pre-event recording buffer. Clearly that cannot protect an officer when an incident usually takes about 10-15 minutes to close down. During the pre-event buffer record period, only video is taken. Audio will commence when the "record" button is pushed.

Klear Kaptures revolutionary patent pending “Echo” technology has a privacy button. Therefore, if an officer requires privacy prior to recording, they simply push the privacy button and the pre-event recording buffer is paused.

Because the Klear Kapture camera can capture more events, using the Klear Kapture camera can protect your department from unwanted or fabricated complaints.



Statistics have shown that traditional body worn cameras are not activated 75% of the time. This is because either the officer did not have time to turn on the camera in time of an escalating incident or because the officer simply forgot. Klear Kapture can capture those incidents that don't allow you time to push "record" with the patent pending Echo Technology™



Cost of storage

Departments are also realizing that the cost of storage and software associated with police body cameras can be crippling. Up to $2,000 per year per officer!




Klear Kapture’s Echo Technology approaches the problem a different way.

The Klear Kapture camera begins pre-event buffer recording the moment it is powered on. The camera will film in 20 minute segments, looping to keep the freshest 20 minutes. The camera has a unique privacy button allowing officers to pause pre-buffer recording if privacy is needed. Now your department can ensure you capture the video you need while preserving an officer’s right to privacy.
This is called Echo Technology™.



FLEXIBLE to meet your needs

The Klear Kapture camera is incredibly flexible to meet your department’s policy needs and can be modified in case policies or statues dictate a change. Features that an administrator can set include:


  • Ability to turn IR on/off
  • Ability to set video resolution
  • Segment and bookmark videos
  • Set camera ID to officer(s)
  • Audit trail of all videos
  • Auto delete videos/ Auto keep selected videos
  • Set audio on/off
  • Set buffer periods


Infrared recording for Night Vision:
Klear Kapture records in 940 nm infrared. That means that the camera’s IR is virtually invisible to keep the officer protected. Beautiful, clear videos or 8 MP stills are captured. Built in infrared lighting gives clear accountable images. Automatic on feature allows the individual to be hands free for IR to activate. Statistics show the majority of crimes occur at night. Be sure to protect yourself with night vision.

HD video:
Klear Kapture cameras are delivered with 720 video recording resolution but administrators can increase resolution to 1920 or 1080 if desired.

Klear Kapture cameras come standard with two 5 hour batteries. Auxiliary long-life batteries are available that will record continuously for at least 12 hours

Huge video card:
Tamper proof. 32 GB video card is embedded and cannot be removed. Downloading and accessing video is only available to authenticated individuals.

Wide angle lens:
Giant 123 degree angle field of view. More than double than some other offerings.


Storage / Software

Without a comprehensive software solution, police body cameras truly are of no value. The software need to have
a secure audit trail, the ability to send videos, ability to annotate videos and search videos.
Klear Kapture Smart Capture™ software is a software storage solution to meet your department’s requirements




We know that storing your videos can be the most expensive component of your video budget. Klear Kapture offers a variety of solutions to meet your department's needs. We offer direct hardware storage via the Klear Kapture Kiosk, or the Klear Kapture software installed directly on your department's servers, or a hybrid utilizing the kiosk and servers

This is the most cost effective method to download and store videos. The Klear Kapture kiosk offers a huge 36 terabytes of storage space. That is 36,000 gigabytes! Departments can store their videos on the kiosk and make backups for evidence rooms.

The kiosk also allows simultaneous charging and downloads of 25 cameras at a time.

The kiosk has its own content management system so you can query and log videos right on the kiosk. The kiosk can also be connected to your department's servers or to the cloud.

Klear Kapture also offers its software installed directly on the department's server. The software can be set up either as a standalone system or a client server system allowing remote access to the server.

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