Corporate Governance

The links below spell out complete information all Aytu corporate ethics and practices.

Aytu is fully committed to running an ethical business practice. We have created a company structure that adheres to the highest standards of conduct. Our board, and every one of our employees and partners, is dedicated to doing business for the well being of our customers.

  • Code of business conduct and ethics

    Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets forth Aytu BioPharma's standards of behavior for all employees: honesty, fairness, accountability and compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.


  • Code of Ethics for Chief Executive Officer and Senior Financial Officers

    Our board of directors, senior executive officers, and senior financial executives adhere to a high standard of ethics and business practices at all times, and our management team sets a strong tone of compliance with these standards throughout our organization.


  • Audit Committee Charter

    This charter describes the role and responsibilities of the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors in assisting the Board in its oversight of our accounting, auditing and reporting practices, our system of internal controls and the quality and integrity of our financial reports.


  • California Comprehensive Compliance Program

    This guide outlines the Aytu BioPharma, Inc. California Comprehensive Compliance Program, and our commitment to compliance of the laws and regulations that govern pharmaceutical and device sales and marketing activities in the U.S.


  • Compensation Committee Charter

    This charter defines the role and responsibilities of the Compensation Committee of our Board of Directors in assisting the Board in its review and approval of our compensation and benefit practices, and of the total compensation of our executive officers.


  • Nominating and Governance Committee Charter

    This charter outlines the role and responsibilities of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors in assisting the Board in assessing and recommending nominees for election or appointment to the Board and its committees; and in reviewing and suggesting changes in our corporate governance policies and practices.


  • Audit Committee Complaint Procedures

    If you are concerned about an issue related to Aytu BioPharma's accounting practices, policies, or issues related to the company as it relates to adherence to federal securities laws, you are encouraged to report these concerns as outlined in the company’s Audit Committee Complaint Procedures.


  • Statement of Insider Trading Policy

    This Policy Statement summarizes the policies of Aytu BioPharma with respect to transactions in the Company’s securities by employees, officers and directors of, and consultants and contractors to, the Company.


  • Whistleblower Hotline


     Aytu Hotline

    Aytu Email Hotline