For over 25 years, Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE American: DSS) has protected corporations, financial institutions, and governments from sophisticated and costly fraud. In 2019, we began a major transformation.

Today, we take ownership positions or fully acquire businesses in five high-growth sectors to monetize our holdings by:

  1. Transitioning the company’s revenue streams into exponential and emerging new business lines.
  2. Operating the company to create growth opportunities and scalable/recurring revenue.
  3. Restructuring and Developing our assets to position them for growth and potential monetization.

Our Strategy delivers shareholder value by:

  1. Developing solid revenue growth, increasing profitability, growing assets which will drive stock price and market cap.
  2. Building long-term shareholder values by increasing assets through mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Providing a unique dividend structure to build value, and monetize assets for investors.

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