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Innodata ( NASDAQ: INOD) is a global digital services and solutions company. Our technology and services power leading information products and online retail destinations around the world. Our solutions help prestigious enterprises harness the power of digital data to re-imagine how they operate and drive performance. We serve publishers, media and information companies, digital retailers, banks, insurance companies, government agencies and many other industries. Founded in 1988, we comprise a team of over 4,000 diverse people in eight countries who are dedicated to delivering services and solutions that help the world embrace digital data as a means of enhancing our lives and transforming our businesses.

The Company operates in three reporting segments: Digital Data Solutions (DDS), Innodata Advanced Data Solutions (IADS) and Media Intelligence Solutions (MIS).

Our DDS segment provides solutions to digital retailers, information services companies, publishers and enterprises that have one or more of the following broad business requirements: development of digital content (including e-books); development of new digital information products; and operational support of existing digital information products and systems. The DDS segment was formerly known as Content Services.

Many enterprises are embracing new digital information technologies and workflow processes within their operations in order to improve internal decision-support systems. We formed our IADS segment in mid-2011 to design and develop new capabilities to enable clients in the financial services, insurance, medical and healthcare sectors to improve decision-support through digital technologies. We believe that by creating and commercializing innovative business strategies and technology solutions we will be able to accelerate our growth and reduce our revenue volatility.

Our MIS segment operates through our MediaMiser, Bulldog Reporter and the Agility PR Solutions subsidiaries. In December 2016, we rebranded the MediaMiser and Agility PR Solutions products under the name Agility PR Solutions. Agility Enterprise (formerly known as MediaMiser Enterprise) provides media monitoring and analysis solutions and professional services to several Fortune 500 companies and Canadian government institutions, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses. Agility Enterprise enables companies to reduce the time and effort required to extract, analyze and share valuable business intelligence from traditional and online media sources.

Agility Enterprise’s proprietary technology platform monitors, aggregates, analyzes and distributes summaries of coverage from more than 200,000 content sources including traditional and digital media. The platform includes a powerful sentiment analysis engine that identifies whether opinions expressed in a particular document are positive, negative or neutral.

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