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Founded in February 1993, by Elizabeth Plaza, Pharma-Bio Serv was established as a professional service company that offered technical services, process validation, cleaning validation, product and process transfers, process optimization, and quality and regulatory compliance programs to the pharmaceutical industry.
Currently Pharma-Bio Serv employs over 300 Biopharmaceutical professionals with in-depth experience and committed to fulltime top quality services to our customers. Our company has been recognized by clients, media, government, and associations as a distinguished and leader organization for the industry served. Our mission is to resolve our customer’s professional resources constraints to meet compliance objectives in alignment with regulatory agencies requirements.
We currently provide cGMP compliance, commissioning, process engineering, validation, technology transfer, laboratory testing and training services to pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer, chemical and biotechnology industries in Puerto Rico (PharmaBioServ PR; PharmaServ); US (PharmaBioServ US) and Europe (PharmaBioServ LTD & SL).
Pharma-Bio Serv has completed significant achievements and is positioned to compete at a global level. Our company became public on January, 2006. We built a Scientific Microbiology and Chemical Testing laboratory in PR, Scienza Labs to expand our services to our customers. In addition, our company acquired the operations of Integratek, an IT/software development company that currently serves biopharmaceutical clients, the banking industry and government. Our training division, PharmaServ Academy currently produces and teaches technical specialized training to our customers and to our internal staff.
We distinguish ourselves by becoming your value added partner, with a focus towards ensuring regulatory compliance to our customers, ultimately resulting in enhanced product quality.
Elizabeth Plaza founded “Angeles Vivientes (Living Angels)” and “Mi Sueño Es (My Dream is)” our nonprofit organizations that focus on prevention of child abuse.
Today, with more than 20 years of experience, we continue to provide our clients with world class direct contract, consulting, placement and testing services, positioning our company as a Holistic Service Provider.


To become the global leaders in Validation, Regulatory Compliance and Technical Support Services, helping our clients meet the challenges of regulatory enforcement.


  • Providing a flexible, common sense and cost effective approach to ensure our clients are in compliance.
  • Excellence derived from the knowledge, commitment and quality of services available through our dedicated human capital.
  • Timely and strategically resolve human resources constraints to the Health Sciences Industry by establishing operations in territories with significant industrial presence.


Our philosophy is to do business based on an ethical framework of values that will guide our conduct and decisions on a daily basis. Our Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct strengthen our infrastructure to help us stay at the top. We have developed an organization that values our people and their loved ones, a company that values integrity and excellence and that stresses doing our job right the first time. We must strengthen the basis of our organization as we plan for the future. We must exemplify the highest ethical standards and vigilantly protect our company's reputation and competitiveness. Our Core Values are an important part of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Act with Integrity: We will service our clients with honesty, ethical behavior, and exemplary moral character in all our endeavors and will not violate any procedure, policy, law, regulation.

Uphold our reputation: We will undertake our daily responsibilities following our framework of personal and professional values with a full awareness that our reputation, once put at risk, is lost forever. 

Seek for business opportunities: Being honest is also knowing that we are significantly contributing to the company we work for. We all have the potential to work towards business growth. We are all responsible for keeping our business healthy and prosperous. We are all able to bring new opportunities for the company that will yield benefits for all and the satisfaction of knowing we are contributing to the company's solidity and competitiveness.
Build Trust: To maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients and to live up to our company expectations, we will deal honestly and in good faith with our clients, peers, company representatives and all those who are affected by our actions. We will always bear in mind that each individual's actions affect all at our company and our clients. 
Avoid Conflicts of Interest: We will honor our confidentiality commitments with our customers and our company. We must avoid conflicts of interest that could bring personal benefits but which may hurt our peers, our clients, our shareholders or our company.
Respect for people: That includes our concern for the interests of our clients, our co-workers, and administrative personnel. It includes all those around us, including those we can reach to offer our help.
Excellence: That is reflected in our daily work and in our never-ending quest for new ways to improve the services on which our clients rely and to fulfill our vision of becoming the best in the service industry.
Truthful Decisions: We must base our decisions and actions on our values of honesty, justice and integrity.
  • We will not tolerate fraud, falsehood or concealment.
  • Confidentiality is an inviolable norm in our industry.
  • Our decisions must be based on facts and justice, not on bias or prejudice.
  • Our decisions must be based on strict principles of what is right or wrong, as defined in our Code.
  • Ensure we add value by offering operational and compliance excellence by means of our core services.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and maximize on client's core competencies and product quality through optimized, validated and controlled processes.