• Filing Date: 2014-08-14
  • Form Type: 10-Q
  • Description: Quarterly report
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2014
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  



On September 10, 2013, Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. changed its name from Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc. (the "Company" or "Mobiquity").


Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. is an advertising technology (Ad Tech) company focusing on connecting Fans (consumers) and Brands through a single platform utilizing real-time location based solutions to deliver contextually relevant data, messaging and content.. Mobiquity leverages leading edge mobile technologies including Bluetooth (Push & Beacon BLE), Wi-Fi, NFC (Near Field Communications) and QR (Quick Response) code and employs propriety devices through retail environments to build physical networks. Assets are managed in a single platform creating a new class of consumer engagement and data intelligence. 


Mobiquity Technologies has developed and acquired a number of innovative marketing technologies, spanning location-based mobile marketing, mobile customer data analytics, web content and customer relationship management, that it will continue to leverage through its two wholly-owned U.S. subsidiaries: Mobiquity Networks and Ace Marketing & Promotions and Mobiquity Wireless SLU, a company incorporated in Spain.


Ace Marketing, Inc., which recently changed its name to its parent corporation’s old name, namely, Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc. (“AMI”), is an Integrated Marketing Company focused on marketing process analysis and technology-based growth acceleration strategies. AMI offers Brand Analysis & Development, Website Analysis & Development, Database Analysis& Building, and Integrated Marketing Campaigns using: direct mail, email marketing, mobile marketing, promotional products and other mediums that help its clients connect with their customers and acquire new business


Mobiquity Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of hyper-local mobile marketing solutions. Mobiquity is continuing to attempt to build one of the nation's largest Location-Based Mobile Marketing networks. Location-Based Mobile Marketing is a mobile marketing tool that delivers rich digital content to any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device within a 300ft radius of a central terminal. Our technology permits delivery to virtually any mobile device and properly formats each message to ensure that every user receives the best possible experience. Results are fully trackable, giving campaigns full performance accountability. We offer brands the opportunity to reach millions of consumers with relevant, engaging content that is 100% free to the end user. The Mobiquity network is the largest mall-based Bluetooth network of its kind. It is currently installed in 100 malls across the US, covering each of the top 10 designated marketing areas (“DMA’s”), and has the ability to reach approximately 120 million shopping visits per month.


Mobiquity Wireless SLU is a corporation incorporated in Spain. This corporation has an office in Spain to support our U.S. operations.


The Network


Through our various agreements with mall developers and strategic partners, we currently have deployed physical devices throughout 100 of the top shopping malls across the United States and we have a planned expansion of up to an additional 165 malls over the next several months . These devices work together to create our NETWORK, which provides advertisers the opportunity to reach millions of mall visitors per month with mobile content and offers when they are most receptive to advertising messages. We are also planning to expand our network into other venues, such as; stadiums, arenas, colleges, airports and retail chains to name a few.


The highlights of our network include the following:


  · 100 shopping malls (expanding to approximately 265);
  · Represents approximately 120 million monthly shopping visits (expanding to over 200 million visits);
  · Provides access to affluent, highly-sought-after demographic; and
  · National coverage – Top 10+ DMA’s throughout the country, such as but not limited to; New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.


Our location-based mobile marketing network is designed to reach on-the-go shoppers via their mobile devices. We offer extremely targeted messaging and content engineered to engage and influence shoppers as they move about the mall environment. Mobiquity’s Mobi-Units and Mobi-Beacons are strategically placed throughout the shopping malls common area, near entrances, anchor stores, escalators and other high traffic and high dwell time areas. Mobiquity’s Mobi-Unit and Mobi-Beacon placement takes advantage of the opportunity to provide a reminder to consumers just before making a purchase decision. These devicesgenerate high awareness and brand recognition at the right time and place.