• Filing Date: 2015-04-09
  • Form Type: 10-K
  • Description: Annual report
5. NOTES PAYABLE (Details) (USD $)
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2013
Dec. 31, 2014
Notes payable related party $ 115,620fil_ConvertibleNotesPayableRelatedParties $ 0fil_ConvertibleNotesPayableRelatedParties
Accrued interest related party 29,255fil_AccruedInterestRelatedParty  
Araldo A. Cossutta    
Nature of relationship Mr. Cossutta was a member of the Board of Directors from 1994 until his term ended on September 3, 2014.  
Terms of the agreement See “Third Quarter Secured Promissory Notes” As of March 31, 2015 $75,000 of this note remains due.  
Notes payable related party 75,000fil_ConvertibleNotesPayableRelatedParties
/ us-gaap_RelatedPartyTransactionAxis
= fil_AraldoCossuttaMember
Accrued interest related party 18,512fil_AccruedInterestRelatedParty
/ us-gaap_RelatedPartyTransactionAxis
= fil_AraldoCossuttaMember
MAH Holding, LLC    
Nature of relationship MAH Holding, LLC provided previous lines of credit to affiliates of WMT.  
Terms of the agreement Unsecured note with interest accrued at 10% per annum, due on demand.  
Notes payable related party 40,620fil_ConvertibleNotesPayableRelatedParties
/ us-gaap_RelatedPartyTransactionAxis
= fil_MAHHoldingMember
Accrued interest related party $ 10,743fil_AccruedInterestRelatedParty
/ us-gaap_RelatedPartyTransactionAxis
= fil_MAHHoldingMember