• Filing Date: 2013-09-27
  • Form Type: 10-K
  • Description: Annual report
12 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2013
New And Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements  
New and recently adopted accounting pronouncements

In June 2011, the FASB issued an update to its authoritative guidance which allows only two options for presenting the components of net loss and other comprehensive loss: (1) in a single continuous financial statement or (2) in two separate but consecutive financial statements. The guidance is effective in two stages. The requirements to present a single continuous statement or two separate but consecutive statements was effective for us beginning July 1, 2012. The second stage requires us to disclose the effects of reclassification adjustments from other comprehensive loss to net loss and is effective for us on July 1, 2013. For items reclassified in their entirety, we are required to disclose the effect of the reclassification on each line of net loss that is affected by the reclassification adjustment. For items not reclassified in their entirety, we are required to add a cross reference to the U.S. generally accepted accounting principles disclosure that includes additional information about the effect of the reclassification. The adoption of these updates affect presentation only and therefore did not impact our results of operations, financial condition or cash flows.