DoD selects Rekor's vehicle recognition system solution, powered by industry leading OpenALPR software; purchases 200 licenses to turn existing IP cameras into automatic license plate readers

CHANTILLY, VA / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2019 / Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR) (''Rekor'') announced today it has been selected by the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solutions. The contract with the DoD is for the purchase of 200 licenses to use Rekor's machine learning-enabled vehicle recognition system, powered by our industry-leading OpenALPR software.

''We are pleased to be selected by the DoD to provide vehicle recognition systems. Our systems are easy to integrate and highly scalable, making them an ideal solution to enhance security and surveillance operations,'' said Robert A. Berman, President and CEO of Rekor. ''Selection by the world's preeminent defense department is a great validation of our technology and one we are proud of. We look forward to working with the DoD to support their important work, and to further showcase the power of our solutions.''

Rekor's OpenALPR software enables automatic license plate and vehicle recognition through virtually any IP camera. Its industry-leading artificial intelligence-based solutions can be hosted locally or in the cloud. Enabled by machine learning from its robust and growing database covering over 60 countries, OpenALPR software can identify in real time vehicle license plate data, color, make, model and body type.

Rather than buying expensive cameras that take weeks or months to ship and install, Rekor's OpenALPR software can be deployed to any existing IP camera immediately. This can represent a potential substantial savings per camera, as well as greater flexibility to expand or decrease usage as needed without large capital expenditures on hardware. It also eliminates the need for two separate cameras, one for LPR functionality and one for general surveillance recording. Rekor's solution can be used to collect license plate data and information such as the make, model, and color of a vehicle using the same camera that provides surveillance monitoring.

''The fact that Rekor's solution can be deployed to any existing IP camera is extremely attractive in the defense sector, particularly where cameras may already be set up for surveillance and the installation of new hardware might prove difficult due to time constraints or location in harsh or remote terrains,'' Berman continued. ''The flexibility of our SaaS model also allows for the easy integration of additional cameras if they are needed in a hurry, rather than having to wait for hardware to be shipped and installed. It provides valuable new capabilities within the defense sector.''

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