Easi-Set's Five Product Offerings Can Be the Answer to Meeting the Needs of Federal, State, Local Government and Military Projects

MIDLAND, VA--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2015) - Easi-Set Worldwide, a subsidiary of the Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCQB: SMID) (DE) project update. No two projects are ever exactly alike even when using pre-manufactured materials. This statement is magnified when working in the government market, particularly military installations, because each job presents a different set of requirements. Budget, scheduling, security, standards and protocols typically are more regimented when working with the government. All these conditions can be accommodated by Easi-Set Worldwide's precast concrete product lines.

"Government officials often turn to us for military projects due to the ease of purchasing pre-engineered, pre-designed, precast concrete buildings," says Jeremy Smith, building product manager with Easi-Set Worldwide. "The design and construction process is simplified, allowing projects to go to bid more quickly. Delivery and installation typically happen in the same day. This is really important on military bases and government sites so officials do not have contractors on site for days creating security issues. In addition, this entire process from specification through installation is very cost-effective."

Easi-Set's five product offerings can be the answer to many military site needs. The company's Beach Prism barriers have helped with beach erosion control, and J-J Hooks anchored barriers have provided security for large events. SlenderWall has been used to construct large office buildings, and the company's Easi-Set Buildings have been the solution to create ammunition storage and hazardous material storage buildings, electrical units, restrooms and training facilities.

Easi-Set has a network of nearly 70 licensees in 10 countries worldwide that work directly with customers to create these products. This network benefits the customers because purchasing materials locally adds a higher level of customer service while saving shipping fees and contributing points to green rating systems, such as LEED.

"Licensed producers receive production training in their own plant to efficiently manufacture Easi-Set products, and they receive ongoing technical and marketing support from us," Smith explains. "Compared to our competitors, we offer five licensed products instead of one or two. This gives our producers the opportunity to have a diverse product offering for their customers."

One such company is Leesburg Concrete Co. Inc., Leesburg, Fla., that has completed 19 Easi-Set Building installations since becoming a licensed producer in June 2013. The family-owned business believes its success can be attributed to persistence and diversification. "My parents bought and incorporated the company in 1983, and in the last decade my siblings and I have added product lines and expanded the facility," says Kirk Rouse, vice president of Leesburg Concrete. "We pride ourselves on our quality products and customer service."

Like so many Easi-Set producers, Leesburg Concrete has seen a growing demand for installations at government facilities. At the Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, near Baxley, Ga., an Easi-Set building was used to create an 8' x 10' x 8' electrical building. According to Marcus Adron Day, P.E., with Baxley-based Southern Co., this building replaced one that was damaged during a pipe rupture. A precast concrete building was selected for its ease of installation, timing and cost effectiveness. Leesburg Concrete, which Day says provides better service than other vendors, was also responsible for providing lights, fans, outlets and penetrations for all piping.

At MacDill Air Force Base outside of Tampa, Fla., one 12' x 16' x 8' storage building and one Sierra Dry 12' x 20' restroom were recently installed. The storage building had to be placed under the overhead columns and beams of an inspection facility, creating the need for additional planning. The storage building's patented post-tensioned roof was modified to accommodate the installation of cable trays and small electric lifts.

Because MacDill is an active military base, special requirements -- including bullet resistance -- were specified. This was easily achieved since Easi-Set passed a Level 5 ballistics test of its standard 3-inch-thick building panel in 2011. The UL 752 test was conducted by MGA Research Corp., Manassas, Va. For testing, a 150-grain 7.62 NATO round was fired six times 15 feet away from 12- by 12-inch test samples, which were kept at different temperatures to mimic real-world conditions.

"Independent testing is vital to our business and industry," Smith says. "It not only verifies how our Easi-Set products can perform, but it also brings validity to the concrete industry and demonstrates the strength of concrete."

Whether purchased from Leesburg Concrete or another quality licensed producer, Easi-Set Buildings are virtually maintenance free and are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. They are fully customizable, as well. Many Easi-Set Buildings and restrooms are typically assembled and/or outfitted at the plant, making delivery and installation efficient. They are installed on a gravel pad or concrete slab in hours. Easi-Span ultra-large buildings are site assembled with assembly times dependent upon the building's size. Installation is often faster than using traditional building techniques and materials. A precast concrete building's weatherproofing also allows for flexibility in different climate regions. Cold, hot, snowy or rainy, the weather has no effect on the buildings. Frost protection features are available for regions requiring it; thereby, ensuring that all plumbing and electrical systems remain intact.

"People don't realize the versatility of precast, and that our producers can customize almost any project with different designs and shapes to match metal, brick or wood finishes," Smith says. "These and the other benefits make precast concrete and Easi-Set ideal government solutions."

Easi-Set Worldwide, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smith Midland Corp. (Del.), a public company, licenses the production and sale of Easi-Set products and provides diversification opportunities to the precast industry worldwide. Easi-Set's prefab buildings are designed to provide durability, convenience and long-lasting security under a variety of applications. These maintenance-free structures are available through licensed precast concrete manufacturers across North America. Each producer manufactures Easi-Set's pre-engineered buildings with the patented post-tensioned roof and floor system to guarantee a weatherproof structure. For more information about Easi-Set precast concrete buildings or licensing opportunities, contact Easi-Set by calling 800-547-4045 or visiting www.EasiSet.com or www.EasiSetBuildings.com.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. was incorporated in 1983. This family-owned business maintains a philosophy of quality and innovation. First known for its decorative concrete block, Leesburg Concrete later became a Unit Step franchise, providing prefabricated steps for commercial and residential users throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond. In 2009 Leesburg Concrete built a new batch plant using the latest technology offered. In 2010 it became an NPCA Certified Plant. Since then, Leesburg Concrete has further diversified adding precast concrete stairs. The company became an Easi-Set licensee in June 2013 and is licensed to manufacture Architectural Precast Concrete/SlenderWall® and Easi-Set® and Easi-Span® precast concrete buildings and restrooms. The company also offers custom precast concrete and miscellaneous metal products. For more information, visit www.LeesburgConcrete.com or call 800-882-4177.

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