JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ParkerVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRKR) (the "Company") announced today that one of its component products, the PV5870 wide-band IQ demodulator, has been designed into a number of commercial and industrial RF applications. Customer orders will be fulfilled from inventory currently available from the Company's distribution partner.

Design wins for the PV5870 include RF identification (RFID) products, satellite receivers, and avionics test equipment. The PV5870 is currently being evaluated by additional customers for a wide-range of high-performance commercial applications.

ParkerVision's Executive Vice President, John Stuckey, commented, "We have been shipping evaluation boards and sample components for customers to evaluate and, in some cases, implement in early pilot production units. We are pleased that these customer evaluations have resulted in design wins for our components and we look forward to seeing additional growth in the adoption of our RF devices in the near future."

The PV5870 is a direct conversion quadrature demodulator/modulator designed for typically challenging communication systems requiring excellent linearity with low power consumption. The device is optimized for wide-band applications utilizing RF carrier frequencies ranging from 400 to 3600 megahertz and is based on the Company's patented energy transfer sampling receiver technology and pulse shaping transmitter technology.

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ParkerVision, Inc. designs, develops and markets its proprietary radio-frequency (RF) technologies that enable advanced solutions for current and next generation communications networks. Protected by a highly-regarded, worldwide patent portfolio, the Company's solutions for processing of RF waveforms address the needs of a broad range of devices requiring high levels of RF performance coupled with best-in-class power consumption. For more information please visit www.parkervision.com. (PRKR-G).

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