With extraordinary gains in its retail business during the first quarter of 2017, DGSE (NYSE MKT:DGSE) expects to post a profit in the first quarter for the first time in four years. DGSE anticipates this turnaround to continue guiding the company toward higher revenues and regained profitability.

Following a leadership change in mid-December 2016, DGSE eschewed the unsuccessful strategies of recent years and returned to its roots: buying and selling jewelry and timepieces at exceptional prices.

A visit to the new Dallas Gold & Silver flagship store reveals not only extraordinary pricing, but also a cadre of jewelry experts who equip DGSE customers with the knowledge to make their purchase decisions as wise and informed as they are special.

DGSE strives to deliver an unrivaled customer experience. It features a broad selection of high-quality vintage and new jewelry, precious metal bullion, rare coins, fine timepieces and diamonds, together with value pricing and a customer-friendly sales process. Our strategy is to be an information resource for clients, bring transparency to purchase and sale transactions, and offer value and liquidity to those seeking to buy, sell or trade jewelry, watches, diamonds or coins.

DGSE has specialized in buying and selling jewelry for over 40 years, making our experts among the best in the business. DGSE prides itself on offering the highest possible prices for old jewelry, with service that's always courteous and professional. There's no pressure to sell, we simply offer a great price and immediate payment.

New buyers often overpay at big, chain retail stores and become disillusioned with the experience, or mistakenly believe that they have to buy online to get a good price on diamond jewelry or stones. But most online retailers simply post the huge inventories of wholesaler networks, never see or take possession of the advertised stones, which can result in an inventory dumping ground of both good and bad stones.

At DGSE, we strive to even the playing field for new buyers. We specialize in helping customers find their ideal diamond for a fraction of typical retail cost - up to 50% less - and guaranteed to beat the Rapaport Diamond Report price list. Every diamond we sell is backed by a complete guarantee of authenticity, and most are also accompanied by a Gemological Institute of America certificate. Plus, DGSE offers a 100% lifetime upgrade.

There is simply no substitute for seeing a diamond in person, and evaluating the various options within a price range based on their unique cut, color, clarity and carat (the "four Cs").

DGSE customers get twice the value at half the price, beating those online guys, and get to leave the store with their new purchase in hand.

DGSE's newest location is at the corner of Preston Road and I-635 (LBJ), near the epicenter of Dallas retail. Dallas Gold and Silver is your personal jewelry store.


Bret Pedersen, 469-371-2388