Jacksonville, FL October 2, 2003 PARKERVISION, INC. (Nasdaq NMS: PRKR), announced today that Direct2Data™ has added to its ParkerVision Wireless website an initial series of beta user testimonials. The User Review section of the website is designed to help potential customers understand the benefits of ParkerVision Wireless networking products through the experiences of independent third party users. Users were selected based on geographic as well as application diversity. The company's goal is to test as many different environments as possible with typical consumer users. Additional user experiences will be added to the ParkerVision web site over time.

"Consumers experience significant discrepancies between what many wireless products claim and the actual performance they achieve. Indoor wireless environments, especially for broadband Internet applications are challenging. The performance that can be achieved outdoors in somewhat ideal operating conditions usually is far different from what consumers experience in actual indoor use. Our outdoor distance performance of up to one mile equates to the world's best indoor wireless performance for home or office applications.

To date our real world testing experience shows that a single ParkerVision system will cover the vast majority of all homes and small offices. Even the enterprise environment will benefit from the longer reach of our technology. "Our goal for the ParkerVision WLAN card and future products is to significantly narrow the gap between the reliability of a wire and mobility of wireless" commented Jeffrey L. Parker, CEO.

To learn more about what our beta testers are saying, visit the ParkerVision site at www.direct2data.com and click User Reviews.

ParkerVision Wireless markets products and services developed by Direct2Data Technologies. Direct2Data Technologies patented D2D radio communications technology enables the development of advanced highly integrated products for a wide range of wireless and wired radio-based devices. D2D's innovative RF technology simplifies wireless electronics, resulting in smaller, cost-effective, high-performance wireless communications products. Additional information about ParkerVision, Inc. is available at www.parkervision.com and information about Direct2Data Technologies at www.direct2data.com.

ParkerVision, Inc., headquartered in Jacksonville, with additional facilities in Orlando, Florida was incorporated in 1989 and designs, develops and manufactures communications technology platforms and products for the wireless and video industries. The video division is engaged in the design, development and marketing of automated live production systems for broadcasting, webcasting, and automated video camera control systems.

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