JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, Nov. 10, 2003 - PARKERVISION, Inc. (Nasdaq NMS: PRKR) announced today that TigerDirect, Inc. will market and sell ParkerVision Wireless LAN products manufactured by Direct2Data, a division of Parkervision, Inc. The first product is the ParkerVision HZ1500 WLAN card and TigerDirect, Inc. has agreed to market and sell additional ParkerVision products as they become available. TigerDirect, Inc. is an integrated system of branded e-commerce web sites, direct mail catalogs, and relationship marketing companies with a large catalog and Internet presence. They sell private label and name brand PC hardware related computer products to consumers and businesses. TigerDirect, Inc's distribution channels reach millions of customers each month and they can be found on the Internet at www.TigerDirect.com.

Chairman and CEO Jeffrey L. Parker commented, "The agreement between ParkerVision's Direct2Data Technologies Division and TigerDirect, Inc. marks our first retail distribution contract. We are pleased to have TigerDirect, Inc. as a distribution channel for our D2D™ powered Horizon's products. We view the TigerDirect, Inc. venue, given its reputation and popularity, as further enhancing our presence, momentum and growth potential for our WLAN products in the consumer marketplace."

ParkerVision Wireless products and services were developed by ParkerVision's Direct2Data Technologies Division. Direct2Data Technologies is a leader in direct conversion radio technology. Its patented D2D™ radio communications technology enables the development of advanced highly integrated products for a wide range of wireless and wired radio-based devices. D2D's innovative RF technology simplifies wireless electronics, resulting in smaller, cost-effective, high-performance wireless communications products. Additional information about ParkerVision (NASDAQ: PRKR) is available at www.parkervision.com and information about Direct2Data Technologies at www.Direct2Data.com.

ParkerVision, Inc., headquartered in Jacksonville, with additional facilities in Orlando, Florida, was incorporated in 1989 and designs, develops and manufactures communications technology platforms and products for the wireless and video industries. The video division is engaged in the design; development and marketing of automated live production systems for broadcasting, webcasting, and automated video camera control systems.

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