Toronto, Ontario / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2016 / SusGlobal Energy Corp. (“SusGlobal Energy”) or the (“Company”) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary SusGlobal Energy Canada I Ltd. (“SusGlobal”), has signed an expansion and operation agreement for the biodigester and electricity generating facility (“BioGrid”), with the Township of Georgian Bluffs and the Township of Chatsworth Joint BioGrid Project, located near Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Effective June 1, 2016, SusGlobal has entered into a twenty-five (25) year agreement to construct, maintain and operate the BioGrid, which is automatically renewable for additional periods of five (5) years each, on the approximately 10 hectare site. Once SusGlobal has completed the expansion and integration of the processing equipment into the existing facilities, the site will produce more energy than is needed for treating the septage and organic wastes. The Agreement may be immediately terminated by the municipalities as specified in the Agreement, including if SusGlobal is unable to secure a funding commitment of $7,500,000 with at least $1,000,000 being advanced to SusGlobal within 50 business days of the effective date or if SusGlobal fails to secure a supply of Source Separated Organics of 15,000 tonnes per annum in the aggregate for a minimum of 15 years prior to the first anniversary of the start date. This will be the first wastewater treating plant in Ontario to achieve a “net zero” status for sustainable waste treating. The site will produce all the electricity needed for its operations, export 100 kW power under a Feed-In Tariff Contract (“FIT Contract”) and will supply biogas or power to nearby industrial and commercial sites.

The project will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the production of renewable electricity and heat as well as reducing methane emissions by diverting organics from landfilling, allowing the Company to monetize the emission reductions under Ontario’s Cap and Trade program. Landfills in the area do not collect the methane-containing gas produced by the landfilling operations; only vent it to prevent fires and explosions at the landfills. The Company also expects to produce a Class AA Organic Fertilizer that can be added to composting facilities or incorporated directly into fertilizer compounds from the digestate.

Our partners for implementing the project are BioGrid, Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd., GSS Engineering Consultants Ltd., Aquatech Water Management Services Inc., and Phoenix Capital Partners Inc.

“We are very pleased to be able to partner with both Townships in this project, to bring the Ontario waste management systems to a sustainable level while extracting more value from existing infrastructure” stated Gerald Hamaliuk, Chief Executive Officer of SusGlobal Energy Corp.

“It is anticipated that when completed next year, the BioGrid site will become a showpiece, the finest state of the art, world class facility in Ontario,” stated Rick Winters, Director of Operations at the Township of Georgian Bluffs.

About BioGRID

The BioGrid plant digester processes domestic solid waste and waste organics, including fats, oils, and greases and will produce an environmentally safe fertilizer that can be used in farming as a safe alternative to chemical fertilizers.

About SusGlobal Energy Corp.

SusGlobal Energy Corp. is a renewable energy company focused on acquiring, developing and monetizing a portfolio of proprietary technologies in the waste to energy application globally. It is management’s objective to grow SusGlobal Energy into a significant sustainable waste to energy provider. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at:

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