New York, NY August, 2011 --- Aegis Capital was the lead underwriter for Willacy County, Texas and its local Government Corporation bringing to market $78,505,000 of taxable project revenue refunding and improvement bonds. On June 6, 2011 the County received the award for a take-or-pay contract for 3086 detention beds from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The County refunded its outstanding Series 2007 issue and is funding certain improvements to the facility required under the Federal Bureau of Prisons contract.

The bonds have received a rating of BBB from Standard and Poor’s.

Stanley Crouch CIO --- “We are extremely pleased to have the support of our investors who affirm our vision.” “The ability to complete this offering is a testament to the team and the strength of this project.” “ We continue to look for attractive projects that bring unique opportunities for our investors and afford access to the capital markets for our borrowers.”

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