New York, NY August 20, Aegis Capital is proud to announce the hiring of Gene Flynn as a Senior Vice President. Gene has spent 40 years in the financial arena working at Lehman Brothers, Citi Group, UBS and Oppenheimer. Gene guides his multinational cliental into individual tailor made domestic and international strategies with great attention to asset and sector diversification.

Gene spent his early years in Buenos Aires, Argentina and attended Northwestern University and NYU Business School. Gene was in the Army intelligence in Munich Germany, where he studied at the University of Munich. Gene is fluent in German and Spanish. Gene has obtained the security industry series 1(7), 5, 15, 63, 65, and PC (Put/Call) licenses.

Aegis Capitals CEO Robert Eide Commented; “We are pleased that Gene has joined Aegis Capital”. “Gene has a wealth of knowledge to assist his customer with the difficult markets that we have faced”.

Aegis Capitals Head of Business Development Phillip Michals Commented; “Gene has a domestic and international business and we are pleased our multi-currency and execution platforms can assist Gene in providing top of line services to his customers”.

About Aegis- Aegis Capital has been in business for the past 28 years and maintains a conflict free service platform catering to the needs of private clients, institutions and corporations. Aegis Capital Corporation was founded in 1984 by, the current CEO and Chairman. Aegis origins were based on servicing the specific needs of an extremely affluent customer base. Today, we have become a premiere full-service investment banking firm with twelve locations and employees stretching from Florida to Rochester, NY. We have clients in all 50 states and overseas. Aegis has been able to bring quality service through its clearing relationships of Penson and JP Morgan.

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