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Easi-Set Worldwide, precast concrete industry product licensing leader and subsidiary of publicly-traded Smith-Midland Corporation, product advancement announcement.

To give decision makers (developers, architects, façade consultants, contractors, and engineers) a heightened level of understanding on how SlenderWall's panelization components impact building performance, Easi-Set has developed an interactive 3D model of SlenderWall. It provides an inside look at how SlenderWall integrates an interior stud wall with a highly durable precast exterior surface plus thermal and fire compliance features to create one of the most advanced composite cladding systems on the market today.

Take a look for yourself: SlenderWall 3D Model. View how SlenderWall uses leading edge technologies to create a single source building envelope/façade solution.

Easi-Set engineers have developed the model to give a better visual understanding of the features and components within the system. The user can manipulate the model through a 360 degree rotation, then zoom in for detailed views on items like connections, fire-blocking, factory installed windows and panelization.

"The technical resources we continue to pour into our product development is something we are very proud of," stated Chris Reese, Easi-Set Engineering Manager. "Full support from design planning through erection for our licensed manufacturers and their clientele is the hallmark of what we offer. Our goal for SlenderWall is a product that goes up easy, then meets the very specific requirements it has been asked to perform through decades of service."

In June 2020, the U.S. Patent office issued a new utility patent to Easi-Set Worldwide for its prefabricated building façade panel advancement, related to energy code compliance improvement with corresponding cost and material reductions. The addition of this patent continues three decades of Easi-Set's technical advances in the building envelope market.

To learn more about using SlenderWall for your next project, or to schedule a presentation or plant tour contact us at (800) 547-4045, info@easiset.com

SlenderWall is fully compliant with current building codes including fire, windstorm, seismic and thermal requirements. The system is licensed for manufacture to qualified precast concrete companies across North America by Easi-Set Worldwide, a leading product line developer in the precast concrete industry. To inquire about licensing opportunities, contact us at (540) 439-8911, info@easiset.com

SOURCE: Smith-Midland Corporation

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