NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 11, 2020 / Strattner Group Corp. also known as Stratners (OTC PINK:SCNG) is excited to announce its Kava Bros Project attracted local recognition for its "Kava Sold Here" program empowering local farmers and shops to become part of a social impact project that encourages local production, distribution, sales and eventually export. The ideal strategy will be to provide a pathway to acquire and export large quantities of locally produced Kava in an effort to help the local Kava industry get back on its feet.

The Kava Bros project was initiated and is managed by Alvin Prasad and Michael Temo. Michael is also a Director of Strattners subsidiary TBS Capital Management Limited in New Zealand where he is responsible for identifying local business opportunities and subsequently uncovered the Kava opportunity.

New Zealand-born CEO Michael Temo says the devastating effects of Covid-19 on Fiji's tourism industry have forced the nation to re-focus on agriculture out of necessity; however, where others see loss, he sees only potential.

He further added that many farmers are sitting on plantations worth millions, but haven't got the access to the adequate business partnerships with potential to maximize their earnings capacity. This is where we come in; many Fijians like ourselves bring skills and experience we've gathered overseas and see this as our opportunity to give back", he explains.

"Working together to support one another and create sustainable solutions is the only way forward through these unprecedented times. We feel it's our duty to impart our knowledge and do everything possible to help Fiji recover as swiftly as possible."

With the help of Strattners, as well as their pledge to assist Kava Bros in the purchase of up to 100 tonnes (value FJ $5m) of kava per year, Temo says the company will be well positioned to become an agent of change in a country already scarred by a long history of poverty and high unemployment rates.

"We have a vision of completely rewiring the kava industry, so that all Fijians can be woken up to our country's incredible agricultural potential", he says.

Kava, arguably Fiji's most iconic beverage, is produced from the roots of a crop native to the Pacific Islands and is most commonly sold in powdered form, which is then mixed with water for consumption. It has long been enjoyed by Fijians for its relaxing effect, and its popularity around the world is growing.

In 2019 alone, Fiji is estimated to have earned around $32 million from kava exports, with the United States (US) accounting for two-thirds of this revenue. With an estimated 180 kava bars established throughout the US, Temo says Kava Bros aims to connect Fijian farmers with this ever-expanding market.

"We want to empower Fijian farmers to see beyond their current capacity", says Temo. "By assisting them to transition to commercial scale operations, higher quantities of quality kava will be available at a more reasonable price, leading to growth in the market, and ultimately, more jobs for locals."

The benefits, he says, don't end there. "With the establishment of more kava-based businesses, higher volumes of kava products can be produced for export. This will lift the overall standard, not only of the products themselves, but the entire industry, including packaging, branding and marketing."

The vision goes far beyond kava for Temo, but he says starting at the roots is most apt: "Raising the standard within the kava industry is just the first step. Fiji is not only strategically located for export, but its tropical climate means the potential for agricultural expansion is there."

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