NEW YORK, NY and TAIPEI, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2021 / Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (OTC PINK:SUIC) and partner iDrink Technology Co. Ltd., Taiwan ("iDrink") appointed a new marketing director with a track record of hundreds of millions of sales, to coordinate the marketing and sales strategy and teams of the newly launched projects: DeFi Plus and DeFi Global Supply Chain Finance (DeFi SCF).

DeFi is using decentralised technology that eliminates centralized processes and overcome geographical boundaries. Through blockchain, it is accessible any time, any place, beyond national boundaries to borrow and make payments. The platform matches the annualized interest rate, even monthly interest rate, of both lenders and borrowers. Under the direct-matched lending rate, the lender can obtain returns several times or even dozens of times more than the traditional interest rate. DeFi improves efficiency, reduces costs and makes financial services universal.

About DeFi Plus

DeFi Plus is the SUIC iDrink proprietary blockchain app that offers benefits derived from combined blockchain technology and smart contract technology, building an ecosystem without the burden of intermediaries and third parties, and offers high security of data storage.

About DeFi Global Supply Chain Finance Solution (DeFi SCF)

DeFi Global Supply Chain Finance Solution (DeFi SCF) is developed by SUIC iDrink in collaboration with Midas Touch Technology Ltd. DeFi SCF is a digital asset management platform where borrowing and lending transactions are materialized among SMEs through smart contracts, governance protocols, and digital assets. SUIC iDrink's DeFi SCF can empower these struggling SMEs to raise much needed financing through unconventional but complementary funding sources that are more accessible, secure and transparent. DeFi SCF's fully decentralized platform facilitates peer-to-peer liquidity among the SMEs without limitation anywhere across the globe, reinforced by smart contracts.

At present, the value of SMEs' final products and services accounted for about 60% of GDP, but the proportion of financing obtained was less than 40%. The World Bank estimates that 70% of all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in emerging markets lack access to credit. According to the report by DeFi Pulse, there has been noteworthy development and increase of DeFi projects. More SMEs invested heavily by 28-fold in DeFi than in established companies, reported in Emory University's recent research.

DeFi SCF aims to serve the "more than 90% of the world's SMEs because they not only comprise 50% of the world's gross value added, but SMEs employ up to 75% of the global workforce." (Source: The World Bank).

SUIC iDirink and Midas Touch is building the DeFi SCF global ecosystem of SMEs, investors, lenders, debtors, underwriters and members, who are also empowered to manage and govern it among themselves, having fair access to reasonable interest rate of working capital via a democratized DeFi SCF platform.

About Midas Touch Technology Ltd.

Midas Touch Technology Ltd. is a financial technology company established in London, UK, providing independent and professional trading strategies for high-asset individuals and private institutions. At the same time, it also launched the "Midas Touch" platform, an approachable trading method to allow users to participate in gold trading and profit from it. The core of Midas Touch lies in the use of mature trading strategies and an AI system to ensure the risk control of each transaction, so that the performance of gold trading can grow steadily. To learn more, please visit

About Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company, USA

The Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company provides research and development, venture financing for and investing in private enterprises and the public sector that develop products and services adopting core capabilities of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile payment, Big Data, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence, to enhance and streamline existing processes, and establish new and exciting business models that will create revolutionary products and services. Shareholders of SUIC will be exposed to the diverse application of advanced services in various parts of the economy. Additionally, existing and potential customers can benefit from this company's diversified portfolio of technologies. As one of the pioneering publicly traded technology companies, SUIC will help build tech-enabled businesses of the future. To learn more, please visit

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