Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBLI) (BOST: CBLI) today announced the publication of a new discovery of the properties of Curaxin CBLC102 (Quinacrine), CBLI's lead anti-cancer drug candidate, in the current edition of the European Journal of Immunology.

Quinacrine was previously used to treat malaria and rheumatoid diseases. CBLI identified the drug as an inhibitor of the cellular pro-survival and pro-inflammatory pathway, NF-kappaB, which is known to be constitutively active in the majority of cancers.

Administration of Curaxin CBLC102 (Quinacrine) simultaneously activates p53 and inactivates NF-kappaB, thus reversing two of the conditions associated with tumor onset and maintenance. The reversal of these pathways has been acknowledged as a therapeutic strategy for cancer treatment and Cleveland BioLabs' CBLC102 is currently in a Phase II trial in advanced, hormone-refractory (androgen independent) prostate cancer.

The findings published in the journal further deepen the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the anti-inflammatory activity of the compound. Cleveland BioLabs, in collaboration with the Department of Immunology at the Cleveland Clinic, discovered that Quinacrine acts as a powerful and potentially useful immunomodulator, capable of reducing skin inflammation such as that associated with poison ivy. Quinacrine appears to modulate the behavior of dendritic cells, which are key players in controlling immune response, by inhibiting their migration from the point of contact with an antigen, or foreign agent, to the lymph nodes, reducing activation of lymphocytes (white blood cells).

Dr. Andrei Gudkov, Chief Scientific Officer of Cleveland BioLabs, stated, "This discovery not only confirms accuracy of our understanding of Quinacrine's mechanism of action, but could also guide us toward new therapeutic applications for the drug."

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