CLEVELAND, April 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBLI)(BostonStockExchange:CFB), today announced that the Company is scheduled to present at the Zangani Pharma Finance 2007 Conference to be held May 10-11, in Rome, Italy. The Company's presentation will be posted to on May 16, and archived for a year.

In advance of the conference, Cleveland BioLabs President and Chief Executive, Officer Michael Fonstein, Ph.D. discussed the Company's background, recent developments and objectives for the Pharma Finance Conference with Zangani Investor Community. The interview may be accessed at:

Among recent developments highlighted by Dr. Fonstein, was the Company's announcement of a study of the effects of Protectan CBLB612, the lead compound in the Protectans 600 series, on proliferation and mobilization to peripheral blood of progenitor hematopoietic stem cells in primates. The study confirmed earlier findings in mice and showed a substantial increase in stem cells in bone marrow, and a more than 20-fold increase in concentration in peripheral blood. Dr. Fonstein noted that the implications of this breakthrough include establishing a way to generate easily available stem cells for harvesting or to naturally repair damage to the body.

Dr. Fonstein also mentioned the Company's response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) issued in March 2007, by The Department of Defense (DoD) for the development and purchase of up to 500,000 doses of a radiation countermeasure. Dr. Fonstein stated that he was particularly excited about the opportunity, since the government's request specified three properties that match the Company's proposed candidate, Protectan CBLB502. The first property is survival benefit, which has been well established in multiple studies, where Protectan CBLB502 was able to rescue more than 70% of treated monkeys from lethal doses of radiation. The second factor is that treatment be administered post-radiation, which was also recently validated in a primate study, where Protectan CBLB502 was administered one hour after exposure and delivered levels of protection as high as when administered one hour prior to exposure. The third requirement is protection of the gastrointestinal tract, which Protectan CBLB502 has repeatedly demonstrated in many studies.

The third recent development mentioned in the interview was the advancement of the Company's ongoing Phase II efficacy study for Curaxin CBLC102 in advanced, hormone-refractory (androgen independent) prostate cancer. Dr. Fonstein explained that the safety arm of the trial had been satisfied and that recruitment was currently underway to determine efficacy.

About Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. is a drug discovery and development company leveraging its proprietary discoveries about programmed cell death to treat cancer and protect normal tissues from exposure to radiation and other stresses. The Company has strategic partnerships with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, ChemBridge Corporation and the Armed Forces Research Radiobiology Institute. To learn more about Cleveland BioLabs Inc., please visit the company's website at

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