PayMeOn, Inc. (OTCBB:PAYM), a business dedicated to helping users create social income® by monetizing their social networks, today announced it has become an authorized virtual dealer of Prodeco Technologies e-bikes and that it has launched, the only place where buyers of e-bikes can earn social income® when they refer friends and family that also make purchases.

According to Ed Cespedes, CEO of PayMeOn, “We believe that owners of Prodeco e-bikes are the company’s biggest fans and should be rewarded with social income® when they refer new customers. At, existing customers are paid up to $300 for each new qualified purchase they refer¹.”

Social income® is paid in cash and can add up to serious money for our most passionate customers that advocate our products to their friends, family and associates.

Learn more about how to earn social income® when you refer the purchase of an e-bike here:

¹Social income® amounts vary depending on the type of electric bike purchased.


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