Solei Systems Inc (OTCLNK:SOLI) is a fully reporting, fully audited public holding company in the health and wellness field with its primary focus on telemedicine. Currently Solei Systems, Inc is comprised of two wholly-owned subsidiaries: CareClix, Inc. and Clinical & Herbal Innovations, Inc.

CareClix is a company centered around providing software services in the rapidly growing industry of telemedicine and virtual health with a suite of telemedicine technologies and services that are revolutionizing the way hospitals and clinical care settings.

Clinical and Herbal Innovations Inc. a company responsible for the development and sales of a US Patented multispectrum vascular supplement which may have promising implications for cardiovascular wellness.

Solei Systems, Inc. principal executive offices are located at 206 N. Washington St. Suite 100. Alexandria, VA 22314.


Solei Systems Inc. was organized October 26, 2004 under the laws of the State of Florida as Eli Enterprises, Inc. Our name was changed in 2008 to Solei Systems, Inc. In June 2017 new leadership was appointed, and Charles Scott and Joshua Flood directed the company to become fully reporting and fully audited. On October 20, 2017, the company acquired Clinical & Herbal Innovations, Inc. (CHII), a Georgia corporation, in a share exchange. CHII is a supplement development company with a patent protected proprietary dietary supplement that is distributed primarily through the internet. On December 19, 2018 the company completed the first step of it’s new leadership when it’s Form10 was accepted by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once complete, the company leadership set its sites on acquiring at top notch telemedicine provider and other companies in the telemedicine space. The first acquisition was of the software and leadership of one of the premiere telemedicine companies: CareClix. On April 12, 2019 the company entered the telemedicine business by acquiring assets of KB Medical Systems, LLC, the owner of the proprietary CareClix® operating systems for telemedicine providers. Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, the Company formed a new, wholly-owned subsidiary to acquire the CareClix® assets. The company has focused its leadership and resources on growing the small telemedicine company by allocating its leadership team (Charles Scott and Joshua Flood) to the telemedicine company. On July 15th, the company appointed Dr John Korangy to the board of directors.

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