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Gordon Feinblatt LLC

Gordon Feinblatt LLC, established in 1953, is one of Maryland's premier full-service law firms with more than 60 attorneys and over 20 paralegals. Our size assures proficiency in virtually every area of the law without sacrificing personalized attention to our clients. Our attorneys provide a spectrum of legal services for businesses, institutions and individuals

Gordon Feinblatt LLC
Andrew Bulgin
233 E. Redwood Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
phone: 410-576-4280
Fax: 410-576-4196
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Issuer Direct Corporation

As an issuer services focused company, Issuer Direct Corporation helps companies produce and distribute their financial and business communications both online and in print.

Issuer Direct Corporation (ISDR) is a market leader and innovator of Disclosure Management Systems and Cloud–based Compliance Technologies. The Company’s flagship technology platform – the Disclosure Management System (DMS) – is a secure cloud based workflow compliance collaboration system for corporate issuers and compliance professionals. Today, Issuer Direct works with several thousand compliance professionals and hundreds of corporate issuers worldwide.

Issuer Direct Corporation
Eddie Tobler, MBA/MACC
Director of Shareholder Services
Issuer Direct Corporation
500 Perimeter Park Dr, Suite D
Morrisville NC 27560

Phone: 919.481.4000
Fax: 646-225-7104

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Stegman & Company

Stegman & Company has been serving public companies since 1969. Through those years we have assisted companies with a wide variety of public and private capital transactions including initial public offerings. Since we focus on smaller and emerging-growth companies, we understand the issues that affect companies that often find themselves with limited resources to address the burdens of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Our experience allows us to advise companies and their audit committees on the most effective and efficient means to comply with all aspects of public reporting requirements, including Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. As a public accounting firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, we are subject to the rules of the PCAOB, including its regular inspection of our firm.

Garrett G. Parks, CPA | Stegman & Company
405 East Joppa Road, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21286

phone: 410-823-8000 ext.110
Fax: 410-296-4815

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PLR Investor Relations

PLR Investor Relations is a premier investor relations consulting firm. We know that information is the currency in the investment marketplace. That's why we educate public companies to leverage achievements in a strategic manner, highlighting the market impact of new developments for the financial community, from product announcements to new hires. But that's just part of what our full-service investor relations firm does for you.

Michael J. Porter
Porter LeVay & Rose, Inc.

Phone: (212) 564-4700