Progreen News

PROGREEN Confirms AMREFA Continues to Provide More Project Funding

PROGREEN is pleased to confirm that AMREFA continues to provide more project funding. This enables the company to pursue further property investments and to increase the scope of the company’s business activities. The company can also see increased interest from various other European funding sources, which is likely to further will improve the company’s ability to capitalize on investment opportunities… Read more →

ProGreen acquires its first Single Family Residence

ProGreen acquires its first Single Family Residence. This signifies new phase for the company and opens more opportunities. We now have the construction team in place to be able to handle more complicated and bigger refurbishments, often connected with single family homes. Read more →

ProGreen strengthens management

ProGreen strengthens management. David Stock, was recently appointed as Financial Controller in ProGreen. Mr. Stock is a CPA with a Masters in Economics, and initially joins the company working part time, but we expect Mr. Stock to come on board full time within the next few months as Chief Financial Officer. Read more →

ProGreen Shows Stronger Results

ProGreen Shows Stronger Results for the fiscal year 2012. Revenue for the Year increased 190% to $481,000 compared to $253,000 for 2011. Net loss decreased 65% to ($232,000) from ($661,000) in 2011. Read more →