Investor Information

  • Company: Breathe eCig Corp., a Nevada company, founded in 2013
  • Products: eCig vaporizer, proprietarily blended e-liquid; additional products in development
  • Distribution: Global distribution potential
  • Technology: Proprietary safety features with a streamlined, discreet delivery system
  • Target Market: 42.1 Million U.S. smokers
  • Market Potential: 2.1B + Total Area Market
  • Investment: $3-5 Million Investment Opportunity


When was the company founded?

  • Breathe, LLC was formed in October 2013 and Breathe ECig Corp. was formed on December 31, 2014.
  • On December 31, 2014, Breathe, LLC entered into a Bill of Sale to transfer 100% of the assets to Breathe ECig Corp.
  • January 15, 2015 – Knoxville, TN – DNA Precious Metals, Inc. (OTCQB: BVAP) announced today that it has acquired all of the issued and outstanding equity interests in Breathe, LLC (“Breathe”) in exchange for the issuance of 150 million shares of BVAP common stock, representing approximately 56% of BVAP’S issued and outstanding shares of common stock.

What kind of business is Breathe?

  • Breathe Smart e-Cigarettes is an innovative entry into the e-cig marketplace possessing unique functionality and consumer safety considerations. Breathe consumables are crafted in the USA.

What sets Breathe apart from other companies?

  • We specialize in the development of great tasting proprietary organic and naturally flavored e-liquids with nicotine from Tennessee-sourced Tobacco plants.

How is Breathe marketed?

  • By using exceptional packaging, Breathe’s high-end products will comprise, unique and customizable labeling for specific customers and retailers. Breathe has a strong social media presence as well as a team of proven social media experts that have accumulated a large amount of organic followers and will utilize other traditional marketing platforms as well.

How do I purchase shares?

How do I obtain copies of annual reports?

  • You may download electronic copies from the Investor page on our website under Filings or by searching public records on Securities and Exchange Commission website.

How do I contact someone about the company?

  • Individual investors should go to the contact us of our website and fill out an information form.

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